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Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow Flower

The next full moon is almost upon us, (Sunday, Feb. 28th), and this one is called The Snow Moon. There is so much visual imagery waiting in those words. Even though this is a sunflower from last season, I like the roundness of it and the snow lightly dusting it. It holds the promise of new growth while still clinging to what is present.
There is a lesson in there for us. It seems to sum up all that I have experienced in the last 2 weeks; enjoy our daily gifts of love and laughter, sunshine and snow, knowing seasons of change are always waiting in the wings.

My fingers are itching to stitch again (sewing 6 little girl aprons doesn't count) and my gardener's heart is yearning to go muck about in the dirt. Neither will happen today but that doesn't mean I'm not always thinking about the next project, and the next, and ....

I have threads, ribbons and wool that will be perfect for this image. Even if all I do is pile them up and make a sketch, my hands will be happy for another day.

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