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Friday, March 25, 2011

Five months later . . . my brave girls

Five months to the date has gone by and I'm thankful to be on this side of winter and ready to get on with it.

Sometimes life can throw a wrench in the middle of all our comings and goings and make us take pause. Type 1 Diabetes for my 6 year old granddaughter has been our wrench but after all the crying and fist shaking at the fates, it is time to move on with life, absorb the changes, do the best we can and then . . . have fun.

Our first craft project in the new studio was to add some bling to the bracelet-

and then we painted. Such joy a few blobs of paint can bring!

While watching her paint yesterday in a tiny spot in a very messy studio I am inspired to finally get busy turning it into the creative hideaway I originally planned many months ago (and one of the reasons we bought the new house).

I am still in awe of this saying I found taped to the wall next the girls' bedroom here. It is a copy of what got me through the whole house buying palooza. (see September 2010 post) It was made by the oldest granddaughter who is 9 1/2. I asked her what she wants to do and needs courage for and she replied that she wants to be a writer! To that end, her first book has been published through a class project and titled 'Silly Jenny' and she dedicated it to her sister. It is a sweet, hard cover book of her very own and she is more inspired that ever! (I'll get a photo the cover next week)

We never know how our actions affect those around us but this was a good reminder that we need to be positive and kind in a world that seems to be fast falling apart. In a child's eyes, the world is still an oyster just waiting to be opened. As people of this world, we need to do everything we can to make sure there is a pearl in there waiting for them.

While they are away on Spring Break I'll be decorating two alcoves in the studio just for them. Pictures tomorrow of the 'before' studio clean up, pictures of the new goat babies, new links, new book lists . . .

Monday, October 25, 2010

great grapes - are you kidding me?

The grapes here are harvested and juiced. Later I can make jelly if I want. I can't wait to have an extra acre to plant more grapes and with irrigation, they should get nice and plump. The new place already had some vines, but they are totally in the wrong place, so moving them will be a spring task. A freeze is due in another morning, so I have to get all the tomatoes in. I just found a recipe for green tomato relish to try.

Fall has just set in and I'm already dreaming of Spring and all the new stuff I can plant! I am going to have so much fun with my girls crafting in the new place. I am so excited to be able to just play from now on without any business stress! We will finally have room to sew clothes and paint and leave everything out for another day! The oldest granddaughter loves to make stuff for birthdays and holidays.

Has anyone tried to buy a house lately? What a nightmare! I understand there are good reasons to carefully review records but it seems the pendulum is swinging just a little too much to the other side right now. Let's hope the process gets under control and back to the center soon or there will be no economic recovery.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Creative is a Verb

Yes, yes it is!

A fabulous new book due out in November by Patti Digh, author of Life is a Verb.

I bring this to your attention not only because it is a new gem worthy to grace the top of that pile of books you are surely reading, but also because two pieces of my collage art grace its pages. I was creativly inspired to make these pieces based on essays that were sent out and I was thrilled my art was selected. They were definitely made by the light of the moon, but when inspiration (or a deadline!) hits, one has to go with it.
I've skipped around a bit and made it to page 10. So much of what I've read resonates with me right now that I have to mull over parts and pieces for awhile. I'm betting most everyone will find their own inpiration within these pages. There are several cities where Ms. Patti Digh will be on this book tour so check out her site as well as the blog
If I wasn't going to be in the middle of moving chaos, I would surely find my way to San Diego as well as the writing workshop on Nov. 6th in Portland, Oregon!

page 104

page 195 (another house! read the next post for more about houses and homes)

Home - A New Nest

home n., adj., adv., verb, 2. The place in which one's domestic affections are centered.
house noun, adj., verb 24. to give shelter to; harbor; lodge.

One of the best things about growing in years is retrospection becomes easier, if only because there is so much time behind us. Not a bad thing really if one is willing to explore that time, take the lessons learned and move forward.
In the last year I have pondered the reasons I wanted a new house, and how our homes reflect who we are and if they influence where we are going. A home as just a showcase is really not a home, though it may be a house.

I hadn't realized how much a home means to me until I counted 12 pictures on my walls that include houses in some form or another! And I have of late been making lots of pictures with houses in them. My chosen art form of textiles and quilts reflects the home and 'domestic affections'.

After much angst over this issue in the last couple years, we finally went house hunting and will sign on the new homestead in a couple weeks. It must be the right one because it has moved so fast it makes my head spin! We have been ready to move on for quite some time and we had several options, including building a studio here and rebuilding this house that is quite literally falling apart around us;instead we opted for a fresh start. I will be curious to see how it affects us or not, in the coming years.

There was several criteria we looked for: acreage with irrigation, bedrooms for the grandkids and guests, office space, studio space, room for books, guitars, a good kitchen, and lots of light. This one fit the bill and will serve us well. I can already visualize a new center of heart and hearth.

Studio Space! I've been dreaming of where everything will go :) I see lots of craft night sleepovers. Granddaughter number one has already scoped out a spot for her art dest.

Mini Art Quilts-Journal Class

There is hidden talent up in the mountains! A couple weeks ago the assistant (aka Shannon) and I drove up to beautiful Garden Valley to teach 22 women how to make reuseable covered journals. Whipping together the actual pieces that cover whatever notebook or journal you have is the easy part, creating the fabric art for the covers is the fun part. The art is as diverse as each person and equally beautiful. Creating with whatever is in front of you and your imagination is always an interesting experience and one everyone should try occasionally. Some days we need to just play. Thanks Garden Valley Quilt Guild!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Don't You Dare Give Up!

I should have posted a sign way, way back in May that said "This Life Interrupted For Gardening Season" and in some ways that has been true. There has been lots of gardening going on and swimming and late night fires and smores and star gazing . . .
But in truth, I've really been in a funk.

What put me into it and what has just made me decide to 'snap out of it' are two different stories.

It was the post I read this morning by Melody Ross at the new and fabulous Brave Girls site that made me realize I want to DANCE again, let go of my pity party, get creative and choose HAPPY.

The first and most important message to greet me was "Don't you dare give up" and that went straight to my soul. Even though I don't feel I completely gave up, everyday more and more of my happiness has slipped away. So I'm going to turn it around and get back on track.

I made a new sign just now to hang above my desk in my cozy office -

and everyday it will remind me

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Creative Avoidance=more creating!

I am really good at creative avoidance. Even though we have finally have a sunny, fairly warm day, it is really windy so I'm putting off going outside. I used to go shopping to get away from what has to be done, but I like to think I've moved beyond that. (Most of us probably have enough stuff to create with for the next century! I have finally given myself permission to just DO IT.)

I'm in the midst of several large home/garden projects, but the other night I took pause to create some little pieces with paper for another project that had to be sent off. I had forgotten how much fun it is to just play and stayed up until midnight. I would have continued and made piles of fun stuff for later, but I know it will be several weeks before I can do more.

These little pieces just begged to be glued down, so even though I should be outside hoeing or packing up the studio, I took time to make this picture. I think I will sew it onto the pink painted canvas for my oldest granddaughter's birthday. In conjuction with her birthday, we will have a play night and sleepover for all of us girls! This won't happen until June but it is good to have a plan. The littlest had a cupcake party for her special day complete with aprons. Having granddaughters is such a blast.

Creating activities that are meaningful and memorable doesn't take alot of money, just time and that is priceless.
Check out what Jane LaFazio in San Diego is achieving with a group of 4th & 5th graders.