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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Home - A New Nest

home n., adj., adv., verb, 2. The place in which one's domestic affections are centered.
house noun, adj., verb 24. to give shelter to; harbor; lodge.

One of the best things about growing in years is retrospection becomes easier, if only because there is so much time behind us. Not a bad thing really if one is willing to explore that time, take the lessons learned and move forward.
In the last year I have pondered the reasons I wanted a new house, and how our homes reflect who we are and if they influence where we are going. A home as just a showcase is really not a home, though it may be a house.

I hadn't realized how much a home means to me until I counted 12 pictures on my walls that include houses in some form or another! And I have of late been making lots of pictures with houses in them. My chosen art form of textiles and quilts reflects the home and 'domestic affections'.

After much angst over this issue in the last couple years, we finally went house hunting and will sign on the new homestead in a couple weeks. It must be the right one because it has moved so fast it makes my head spin! We have been ready to move on for quite some time and we had several options, including building a studio here and rebuilding this house that is quite literally falling apart around us;instead we opted for a fresh start. I will be curious to see how it affects us or not, in the coming years.

There was several criteria we looked for: acreage with irrigation, bedrooms for the grandkids and guests, office space, studio space, room for books, guitars, a good kitchen, and lots of light. This one fit the bill and will serve us well. I can already visualize a new center of heart and hearth.

Studio Space! I've been dreaming of where everything will go :) I see lots of craft night sleepovers. Granddaughter number one has already scoped out a spot for her art dest.


  1. Awesome Sheryl! Looks kind of like my craft space although mine is filled absolutely to the brim with all kinds of creative goodness. Hope your move into your new home goes smoothly.
    I'm so happy you have posted on your blog - I've missed you!

  2. Thanks Lisa! Your emcouragement means so much. We should see about posting pictures of our creative spaces on BG Alumni.