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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Creative is a Verb

Yes, yes it is!

A fabulous new book due out in November by Patti Digh, author of Life is a Verb.

I bring this to your attention not only because it is a new gem worthy to grace the top of that pile of books you are surely reading, but also because two pieces of my collage art grace its pages. I was creativly inspired to make these pieces based on essays that were sent out and I was thrilled my art was selected. They were definitely made by the light of the moon, but when inspiration (or a deadline!) hits, one has to go with it.
I've skipped around a bit and made it to page 10. So much of what I've read resonates with me right now that I have to mull over parts and pieces for awhile. I'm betting most everyone will find their own inpiration within these pages. There are several cities where Ms. Patti Digh will be on this book tour so check out her site as well as the blog
If I wasn't going to be in the middle of moving chaos, I would surely find my way to San Diego as well as the writing workshop on Nov. 6th in Portland, Oregon!

page 104

page 195 (another house! read the next post for more about houses and homes)

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  1. congrats! sorry you can't make it to San Diego..I'd love to see you.