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Monday, October 25, 2010

great grapes - are you kidding me?

The grapes here are harvested and juiced. Later I can make jelly if I want. I can't wait to have an extra acre to plant more grapes and with irrigation, they should get nice and plump. The new place already had some vines, but they are totally in the wrong place, so moving them will be a spring task. A freeze is due in another morning, so I have to get all the tomatoes in. I just found a recipe for green tomato relish to try.

Fall has just set in and I'm already dreaming of Spring and all the new stuff I can plant! I am going to have so much fun with my girls crafting in the new place. I am so excited to be able to just play from now on without any business stress! We will finally have room to sew clothes and paint and leave everything out for another day! The oldest granddaughter loves to make stuff for birthdays and holidays.

Has anyone tried to buy a house lately? What a nightmare! I understand there are good reasons to carefully review records but it seems the pendulum is swinging just a little too much to the other side right now. Let's hope the process gets under control and back to the center soon or there will be no economic recovery.

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  1. Oh Sheryl - I wish I lived closer and could come over, hang out, cook and craft. I do hope you will post pictures of your new place and I'd be excited to see how you set up your new crafting space.
    I miss you!