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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Creative Avoidance=more creating!

I am really good at creative avoidance. Even though we have finally have a sunny, fairly warm day, it is really windy so I'm putting off going outside. I used to go shopping to get away from what has to be done, but I like to think I've moved beyond that. (Most of us probably have enough stuff to create with for the next century! I have finally given myself permission to just DO IT.)

I'm in the midst of several large home/garden projects, but the other night I took pause to create some little pieces with paper for another project that had to be sent off. I had forgotten how much fun it is to just play and stayed up until midnight. I would have continued and made piles of fun stuff for later, but I know it will be several weeks before I can do more.

These little pieces just begged to be glued down, so even though I should be outside hoeing or packing up the studio, I took time to make this picture. I think I will sew it onto the pink painted canvas for my oldest granddaughter's birthday. In conjuction with her birthday, we will have a play night and sleepover for all of us girls! This won't happen until June but it is good to have a plan. The littlest had a cupcake party for her special day complete with aprons. Having granddaughters is such a blast.

Creating activities that are meaningful and memorable doesn't take alot of money, just time and that is priceless.
Check out what Jane LaFazio in San Diego is achieving with a group of 4th & 5th graders.


  1. That is beautiful Sheryl! I always love your creations.

  2. Your blog always makes me feel so peaceful. xoxo