Sheryl Eggleston

A Journey of Words and Stitches

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Heart of Mardi Gras

I just love working with cotton velveteen and silk velvet and all things purple and green! These colors remind me of the bright beads of Mardi Gras. Carnival is coming to an end and the soft tones of early Spring will be taking over; tender green grasses, pale yellow baby chicks, the pale turquoise of robin's eggs.

This little heart just cried out for more and more glitz. So I was brave and kept adding on. It is always hard to know when to stop embellishing and when to 'go to the max', much as it is in our day to day lives.

I was feeling brave because I am getting ready to go to Brave Girls Camp in the mountains outside of Boise for a 4 day art/life retreat with the fabulous Melody Ross! Check out the link to Brave Girls Club on the side bar to see what fabulous treats are in store for me and plan your own Brave Girl retreat.

Above all, be brave and put your whole heart into evertything you do!