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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hope, Peace & Joy

A few more words for the day and ones I HOPE to keep close to my heart. Life can get so busy we forget that peace and joy is within our grasp-everyday in some small way.

This was the cover of my promise book I made at Brave Girls Camp on the last day. I didn't have a lot of energy left after 3 near sleepless nights and two previous intense projects. (So much art and stories to share! and the very best food ever to eat!) The other book I'll show you slowly as it is very full and has a story in itself.

It speaks to me in a different way than my house. Visual journaling is something I've been wanting to do forever and it is amazing how each piece will almost create itself from whatever your heart is trying to say.

This little bird is so happy in his little nest, under the swaying pine tree! I pass this curvy pine tree every day on the way to my studio. I'm sure it was meant to grow straight, but I love its curves. The curves speak to me of the winding road we all take to get to where we need to be. It just looks happy to be finally swinging in the breeze because it's strong enough to take it.

This art gives me a simple peace whenever I look at it. By this time at camp, I truly did have hope which leads to peace and joy. Peace in knowing that I have what I need right now and joy in knowing that is enough. We all hope for more and that is okay too, but I'm learning to have peace and joy in the moment.

Inside page of my promise book. It seems very stark in comparison to everything I had done to this point, but it is just right. I need to remember what I really need to do. I am very lucky to have nurturing friends and family AND a soulmate who expects me to honor the artist in me.

I Promise


  1. beautiful picture indeed. Looks like a 'tree of life' which I see it will be! A life of peace, joy and hope.

  2. Love it Sheryl! The cover really turned out special!! Hugs to you and hubby!