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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"I'd give up chocolate, but I'm not a quitter." Mae West (?)

I am seldom ready for a trip before schedule-but miracle of miracles, today I am and it has left me time to ponder. . .

I usually do not give Ash Wednesday much thought and am usually amazed and impressed when I hear of people giving things up for Lent. Which led me to thinking of what I could, if I was so inclined, give up for a period of time for reasons other than shedding some pounds.

Things I won't give up because there is real evidence they are good for me :)

, deep, dark, rich and satifying to the depths of my soul
Red Wine, ditto of the above and strong evidence 1/2 cup 3 times a week is good for the heart.
Well, I guess that is it on the food front because I could live without bread and broccoli if I have to, so they don't count!

I've heard of people giving up facebook and the internet, but that has to fall in the arena of staying current, having some kind of social life, managing a business, checking out everyone else's business . . .

Then I figured out some things I could give up:

I can give up being so hard on myself and not thinking I'm good enough to realize my dreams,
I can give up guilt and feeling bad for past failures, be they personal or business,
I can give up thinking I'm not worth taking some time for myself as much as I love and adore my family.

So with Lent starting tomorrow, I am ready to give up and begin a new adventure. What better way to start than with a retreat that will give me time for myself among the company of other like-minded creative women.

See you next week. I hope you can take the time and ponder new beginnings as we prepare for whatever adventure comes next.

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