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Monday, February 8, 2010

A Different Kind of Heart

My heart is still pounding this morning from another poultry palooza! Seems my lab retrievers like nothing better than to devise ways out of the backyard and into the chicken coop! Two chickens and one turkey are still missing, but if today is a repeat of Saturday, they will wander back when their little hearts settle down!

I love this 'no sew' heart. It is put together with eyelets and gold thread, with lots of fun embellishments. Ultrasuede comes in so many fun colors and can hold up to lots of wear. Because it is so thin, eyelets are perfect for holding it together. I've also used red liner tape on other hearts. I used the red liner tape on this one and then added gold leaf on top of that.
It is great for holding scissors. You can put an extra layer of suede at the bottom to keep those pesky scissor points from puncturing parts of your body you'd rather not. (I'll have scissors for a great price on the website next month)

Even if you don't have new ultrasuede, I've picked up some awesome leather pieces at the thrift store. Quite often I buy clothing just for the fabric or the buttons. The fabric can be dyed or stamped over. More on that later this year when the weather is conductive to working outside.

Making gifts for friends doesn't have to cost alot. The time involved is the greatest cost for many of us. I'm sure that is why hand crafted gifts are so appreciated. Time is such a factor these days; there never seems to be enough of it.
Time management and gift making are two of my goals for this year. I hope to make several gifty things every month to put away for the holidays. This will be one of them.

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