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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Waiting for Spring Part Two

We had a lovely rain last night and now it looks like it will be a beautiful morning. Just what all the growing things need. I may have to go out and tromp in the mud for just a bit and dig holes for the two new peach trees I bought yesterday.

It is driving me crazy staying focused on the one large project I'm working on, since there is a deadline attached to it. I hate it when I do that to myself. I have to remember that I will really like it when it is done! That is usually the path taken; always a love/hate thing with creative endeavors for me. I just want it to be done, but all the other important stuff (like birthday parties, Dr. appts, you know what I mean) needs to be done too, and enjoyed.

This picture detail is from the quilt I made 4 years ago called "Waiting for Spring". I was coming out of a bad period in my life and it was one of the first pieces I made. The flowers were hand appliqued over the pieced background. That is one of my favorite activities - hand applique. I especially like to add pieces over backgrounds and then embellish on top of that. I did a powerpoint presentation for a local quilt guild last year and spent quite a bit of time pondering the why of it. I like structure and from there I can add richness and depth as time allows.

This quilt symbolizes my walking out my door and going through new ones where I didn't know what was there. It was selected for an American Quilter show in Nashville that year. Of course I went and was able to visit with family, as well as enjoy the Opryland Resort. Fabulous!
Lots of things have happened since then, lots of doors have opened and I've closed some as well. One of the things I learned at Brave Girls Camp was I could close some rooms for restoration and have boundaries.

With Spring in the air, I hold out hope that many more doors will open when I'm ready.
Spend some time today opening doors. You just never know what will happen. At the very least, you'll get some fresh air.

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