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Friday, March 5, 2010

Seeds of Goodness

"Scatter seeds of goodness to blossom in another's way"

Occasionally, when time allows, I like to make something from a pile of scraps. This little piece will eventually become part of something bigger, but it brings me joy looking at it just the way it is, so maybe it will get a small binding and be done.
I could spend all my days 'making something from nothing' and there is a lot of satisfaction in that.

The happiest people seem to be those that are helping others. Not long ago I was at an intersection and a car had broken down in a turn lane and was beginning to snarl things up a bit. 4 men had jumped out of different cars and were helping to push the vehicle out of the way, while the woman whose car it was, steered. The men were all laughing and smiling while they pushed. They were happy to be doing something helpful.

Often we forget the joy of these moments and ignore the inner promptings we get. Recently, I followed a prompting and helped make quilts for three little girls that were soon to be adopted. I was blessed with making many new friends and gained the joy of that moment. A couple women brought their scraps and before the afternoon was over we had made 3 twin size quilt tops. It was amazing.

When we all come together with our bits and pieces, magical things can happen: Stones become soup, scraps become blankets, seeds become food for many. Simple kindness' are a ripple on the water and will flow on long after we move on.

This small piece was cut and hand stitched without much of a plan. I like it when fabric and threads conspire on their own to create a story. Life is easiest when we let it unfold at its own pace and time.

Scatter some seeds of your own today and check out Rebecca Sower's site and her Hearts for Haiti project. She is also one of this week's guest curators at Crescendoh.

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