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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Waiting for Spring Part One

I love this journal cover because it contains some of my favorite things: beads, buttons, vintage trims, silk ribbons, stamping on fabric, carved rubber stamps. The fabrics are a nice, mellow blend of soft turqouise, creams and browns.
This bird will soon be busy building a nest and the branches will fill up with tender new leaves and bountiful blossoms.

I can relate to her barely contained impatience to be off on the wing getting ready for spring. A quick perusal of my property yesterday yielded a glimpse of tender shoots of chives, the buds of rhubarb leaves ready to unfurl if this early spring weather continues (my apologies to all of you still under several feet of snow!)and the irises are popping leaves up everywhere. Unfortunately a reminder that I didn't seperate some major clumps last fall. But irises are forgiving and will bloom anyway. In Southwest Idaho we just may be blessed with an early spring.

Carving rubber stamps is quick and easy fix not to mention very meditative. Unless you want to nick your fingers, you have to pay attention for the few minutes it can take to carve. The soft carving material that is available is a dream to use and nowhere near as dangerous as linoleum block carving. It is great for small pieces. It will help pass the time until spring is really here.

Directions for this carved bird and journal cover can be found in "Ink, Stamp and Stitch" available on the web site.

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