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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fresh Air

It's bonus days here in Southwest Idaho. We are being blessed with a window of fine Spring weather so instead of sewing I've been out cleaning up parts of the garden, and getting lots of fresh air. I'd rather be sewing, but I know how fast our weather can change and it may rain the whole month of April. So I'm taking advantage of sunny skies.

It is always amazing to me how all this brownness can quickly become green, lush and full of life. Right now the rasberries have to be cleaned out so they can get on with their first crop due in June. The old grape canes were cut earlier and they just have to be pulled out. Two raised beds are ready for early veggies. Rhubarb is popping up. Next will be to uncover the strawberries-but not today.

It is amazing to me, that as creative women and men, we can take bits and pieces and make something beautiful. I've had the privilege to sit in the Sistene Chapel and be stunned to silence. I could have laid on the floor in a total swoon while in the Art Institute of Chicago while seeing the originals of many favorite artists. A beautiful piece of music seemingly wrought from thin air can bring make my soul leap for sheer joy of the creation.

Because I'm easily swayed by a pretty picture and the potential of a packet of seeds, I'm going to do some early spring planting. I can just as easily be lost in the creation of my garden as when I take stuff I have laying around and make something beautiful.

These pieces I hope will find their way a new banner sometime this week. And on that happy note, I'm off.

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