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Monday, March 15, 2010

Wading throught the Mist

This is part of piece entitled "Flowers in the Mist". Even though it will be a beautiful day worthy of Spring, I feel like I am walking through a mist. I blame it on the time change. I feel like my clock and day are not in sync. I slept in accidentaly and that always throws me off.

So now, because I've lost a couple hours, I'm feeling confused and undecisive about my work today, like I really shouldn't spend the time to be creative. This happens to coincide with what I just read in "The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women": "Many women fear appearing or actually being selfish if they commit to their creative work" p. 77 lists many of the excuses we use to keep from exploring our true, creative selves. See 'A Portable Mentor' March 8th for more on this book.

In honor of daylight savings, I analysed and made a new weekly schedule yesterday and before I even got to doing what I feel compelled to do and create, I was into 50 hours! Then add in 10 hours a day to eat and sleep and the week is almost over.
Now I did include my blog, Irish Dance and exercise, family, friends and church, the garden work (only 10 hours) the dogs (two labs and one a puppy that needs training) reading and research (only 10 hours) Laundry, cleaning, and eating really only got 12hours, so I can't cut that down, dang it!

It was amazing to see where my time goes and how quickly. Some people have too much time on their hands and others never seem to have enough. Like land, they just arent' making more of it.

I love a challenge so I will continue to ponder this time/scheduling conondrum. I have to accept that some days will just be confusing and I'll do what I can. That is when I need to sit and just stitch with no real purpose.

To that end I will put in my mind a new challenge from SAQA called "Beyond Comfort". If you've never heard of SAQA, click on the button on the side bar. It is a fabulous professional art quilt organization with amazing resources available to members.

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  1. You are amazing! I am adding you to my blog list too!