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Monday, April 12, 2010

A Monet kind of day

This was the scene of my studio last Tuesday. I have to say again: painting on fabric is so much fun! I could have never stopped. I was going to change palettes in the middle of the day but I became enamored of the softer lavenders and teals.

I painted on several pieces that had been repurposed. My favorite was this linen tucked blouse front. It has alot of potential. I see a garden and rolling hills.

This is cotton sateen that was used as a blotter piece under what I was painting on top! I love how the colors have muted and blended, creating soft, watery vistas.

Detail of what could become a background for 'Shangri-La' amid the mysterious mountains somewhere in Asia.

Another lovely backdrop begging for ribbons, threads, beads,. . . on egyptian cotton.

I've had this bolt of not so pretty batik for 2 years now and I've never really liked it. So I gave it water and paint and it has sprung to life! Now it has lots of potential.

The picture above has the original color of the fabric in the center with paint on both sides.
The picture below shows it after it has dried.

And that was as far as I got. That night I slipped on a water hose and a very large garbage can to suffer a smashed and broken nose. This required a trip to the ER and a resetting and then several days on the couch.
Lesson learned: Stick with the fun stuff-it's safer!

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