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Friday, April 2, 2010

Hitting the Wall: Part One

For reasons still unknown to me, I hit a wall when I returned from my San Francisco Art Quilt conference. I was overwhelmed on several fronts and just now feel like I am finding my way out. I have been reevaluating the past three years and what progress I have made and where I would like my journey to go. Heavy stuff indeed.

I took several photos of textures where nature tried to overtake that which man has made, where solid and concrete stuctures were slowly being hybridized by the natural world. Retrospectively, I would say that I needed to find where I fit in with what it takes to be successful in a given area, what my definition of success is, where my true self begins and what I'm willing to do to achieve my goals.

When these times hit, I tend to go within and organize my immediate surroundings. So I've been tending my nest and getting my gardens ready for a new season. Two trailer loads and two truck loads of farm compost take ALOT of time. Not to mention the usual poulty palooza that goes on around here, two lab dogs (one still a puppy at 85 lbs.) that need training, grandkids, and the beginnings of moving the studio. Which means that cleaning and organizing really can't be put off.

I also collected eggs, the first rhubarb and made omelets and apple/rhubarb pies.

And as usual, it is stitching something that really pulls me out of the doldrums. Tomorrow I'll show what I sewed up this week for the SAQA Quilt Auction.


  1. One good thing about walls, they can either be climbed or busted down. Remember Berlin? Hang in there.Love Ya.

  2. Ummm hello?? Where is my piece of Apple Rhubarb pie?? Looks sooooo gooooood!!

  3. Rhubard pie??? Yum!!
    hope you're feelin' better..